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Since it's primarily dependent upon reflexes and simple visual cues, sufficient practice by any player eventually leads to the ability to quick scope repeatedly with. 17 Jul - 4 min - Uploaded by MsRefriedbeans Ok this is my first week of filming, so go easy on me(not easy to do, this is youtube after all) got a. 9 Nov - 15 min - Uploaded by 9Lives Make a sniper montage after learning the best sniper in Cod WW2, my custom class setup, a.

quickscope (third-person singular simple present quickscopes, present participle quickscoping, simple past and past participle quickscoped). (transitive. I can do the whole quickscope thing.. But I do it in a private match so as not to ruin the game for people who choose to play it correctly.. These. Quick scope is the act of zooming in or "aiming down the sights" with a sniper rifle and firing almost immediately after. The term became really.

Quickscope montages is when you take a bunch of quickscopes you did and you put them together with music and lens flares and other goodies like doritos and. The worst I can think of in any other game is a tf2 sniper trying to hit a scout, hell in most you don't even have to headshot just quickscope body. How to Quick Scope on Call of Duty 4. This how-to tells you how to accurately ' quick scope' in Call of Duty 4. The first is the most common as it is the easiest to.


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